TOLDOT, in Hebrew, means chronicles, we aim to uncover and share fascinating Jewish history through the unveiling of narrative.

Toldot Barcelona is a innovate tour company, a branch of the cultural platform, Mozaika. We provide walking tours, cultural and food experience of Jewish Barcelona.

As in Mozaika, our vision is to promote relationships between the Jewish community and greater society, providing opportunities for an interchange of ideas, education, debate and creativity, contributing to a greater knowledge and understanding of Jewish culture. We believe Catalonia’s history and location is unique, and deserves to be shared in a rigorous and true manner, honouring the space. We believe our tours, combined with an intimate food experience, will provide a frame of interchange between Jewish communities, between Catalans and Catalan Jews (and their shared history) and create an environment where people can share their history on common ground.


Based in the majestic Casa Adret, the oldest inhabited house in the city, Toldot offers a unique experience in the heart of Barcelona. Whether through the life story of a 13th century coral merchant, or through an intimate gastronomic experience that draws on diverse Jewish culinary traditions, we will connect you to the city and its lost stories. 

Toldot Barcelona was born as a platform to promote the richness of present culture, and at the same time forgotten, Catalan Jewish heritage. Toldot desires to share research and history through unique and honest experiences, with an aim to give birth to stories never before told. Our food experiences act as a conductuat  for exploring the question ‘What is Jewish Food?’.

Our vision is much more than just tour guiding, but to be a conductor to educate people, connect over shared histories, over food, and to be a place of continuous discovery.

Casa Adret

Casa Adret is a transversal project that aims to create a space that serves as melting pot of history, community, research,  conference space, centre for social change and a space for connection for all interested in Jewish life. Set in a beautiful medieval house on the main Street of the “Call”, the historic Jewish neighbourhood, the property was owned by the Jewish family of Astruch Adret until the riots of 1391, which caused the disintegration of Barcelona’s once thriving Jewish community. An architectural gem, the building hosts features of original gothic structures mixed with modern, where the two carved spaces for mezuzahs found in the door frames act as a reminder of the era this house once thrived.

Partners and initiations centred in Casa Adret are Mozaika, Barcelona’s Jewish Cultural Platform (founders of Casa Adret) and the European Association for the Preservation and Promotion of Jewish Culture and Heritage (AEPJ), leaders in Catalan medieval reserach. Some current projects run by Mozaika include Sefer Barcelona- Barcelona’s Jewish book festival, the Shalom Salem project and Toldot Experiences, as well as their online magazine.

Casa Adret aims to reflect the diversity of the Barcelona community and promote best the Jewish values and better understanding.