Salam Shalom


SALAM SHALOM is an intercultural activist initiative, which was established in December 2013 by Berliner Jews and Muslims. It stands for a peaceful co-existence and solidarity, and promotes these aims by implementing various interventions and projects which raise awareness to social and institutional exclusions in mainstream society.

Salam Shalom Barcelona is a brand project of the Salaam Schalom Initiative in Berlin, promoted by Jewish, Muslim and other citizens with the aim of opposing the racializing and stigmatizing discourse that perpetuates distrust and tension and generates social exclusion and institutional development of minorities in Spanish society.

Inspired by the Berlin initiative, we have given life to “Salam Shalom Barcelona”, because we believe that anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, and racial and religious discrimination in general are problems that we must face together, here in our country; and because we want to build an image of Islam and Judaism that conveys union, solidarity, inclusiveness and openness to the other. We believe in and bet deeply on the inter-confessional, intercultural dialogue and good coexistence.